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If you’re an attorney or other professional whose substance use or other preoccupation is creating problems in your personal or professional life, let’s talk confidentially about your situation and map out your options

I am a Northern California Trial Attorney and Certified Coach providing Recovery Coaching to colleagues and others seeking long-term well-being.  I can help you break free of the bondage of addictive behaviors and maintain or reestablish your image, reputation and integrity.  Call me at (530) 515-5198 for a no-cost, confidential consultation.  Recovery Coaching occurs over the telephone or other electronic means, allowing you to participate from the safety, comfort and privacy of your home or office.

If you’re newly recovering from substance-abuse challenges and would like personalized and caring support from someone who’s been there as well, we can journey together for as long as you need

I understand the intense and varied pressures of the legal profession and their relationship to higher than normal rates of substance abuse among our colleagues. I am a member of the Recovery Community with more than 10 years of abstinence, service-work and community advocacy.  As one who struggled with addiction and addictive behaviors for nearly three decades, I can assure you that no matter how low your bottom may seem to you, a restoration of mind, body and soul is possible, even if you may not be able to clearly see it right now.  Recovery Coaching will transform your sense of what’s truly possible for you.

If you are significantly along in your wellness journey but are struggling to achieve specific personal or professional benchmarks, we can examine your challenges and develop individualized action plans for overcoming them

As your Recovery Coach, I am committed to helping you establish and achieve your personal recovery and career objectives and to help you maintain long-term well being as you pursue the Good Life.  Let’s talk about what’s truly possible for YOU!  

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    The “In-Practice” Blog offers personally composed articles and information relevant to addiction and recovery in the legal and business communities.

    The “In-Principle” Blog offers similarly personal compositions detailing recovery insights taken from my experiences and those of the people I’ve been blessed to work with as a Recovery Coach and 12-Step Sponsor.

    This site was birthed in response to the encouragement I’ve received from those attorneys and others in recovery that I’ve been privileged to Coach.  For the confidence and support you’ve placed in and given back to me, I am forever grateful.  I hope to continue evolving the site into a resource where we all can find the support and encouragement needed to avoid the pitfalls of addiction and relapse, or to regain our momentum after a fall.

    Please EMAIL ME and share your experience, strength and hope with the colleague who may still be suffering. In fellowship, we needn’t suffer alone. 

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