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Addiction medicine recognizes there are numerous pathways leading to recovery from chemical (alcohol, opiates, THC, stimulants) and process (overeating, pornography, gambling) addictions.

ideal-coachingThese pathways range from self-initiated 12-Step support groups to in/out-patient treatment facilities. They can include voluntary interventions, criminal or professional disciplinary proceedings, and monitored clinical or peer-supported aftercare.

The sheer breadth of these pathways shows there is no single, “sure-fire” way to recover from chemical or process addictions.

If you suffer from a substance abuse disorder, it is highly likely you will achieve one or more short term (30 days to 6 months) periods of abstinence before relapsing into familiar addictive behaviors.  Addiction is, after all, a progressive illness characterized by relapse. 

Therefore, you should work with someone who understands there is no one size fits all program for recovering from addiction and no guaranteed set of steps or principles that will ensure your long term success or well being.

I will dedicate the time and energy necessary to help you identify and embark on the recovery pathways that are ideally suited to your circumstances.


Ideal Recovery Coaching clients include law students, attorneys and other  professionals seeking confidential support and assistance coming to terms with issues of chemical or process addictions in their lives.  They seek empowering solutions and strategies as they evaluate personally meaningful options for regaining control of their circumstances.  At the same time, they are willing to make the highest and best use of each tool available to them.

Recovery Coaching, is a peer-to-peer support tool, a proven non-clinical complement to “traditional” or clinical recovery treatment.

Beyond the worst manifestations of their struggles with chemical or process addictions, the individuals I work with remain uniquely creative, adaptable and committed to recovering their direction, maintaining their professional standing and radically transforming their lives and practices.

IRC clients generally display high measures of one or more of the following traits: 

  • a strong sense of calling & purpose 
  • comfortable stretching beyond their comfort zones 
  • desire for heightened awareness, authenticity & integrity in relations with others
  • open-minded & willing to evolve & expand to meet new challenges
  • They challenge, debate, examine and evaluate as means of learning and applying new concepts
  • Listen, reflect & search fearlessly, deeply & from multiple vantage points
  • Seek mindful awareness of the conscious & unconscious influences on their interactions & endeavors
  • desire balanced lives & strong vertical and horizontal support systems



Are you high-functioningDriven to achieve?  Do those close to you tell you you’re obsessed, compulsive, even impulsive in unpredictable ways?  Do you continually seek the high-risk/high-reward rush of a well planned victory only to have the satisfaction vanish as you return to your desk to craft the next battle plan?

Studies show strong connections exist between the personality profiles ofVitruvian Man Coaching Attributes successful Attorneys,  C-Suite executives and addicts!  Risk taking, novelty and sensation seeking and obsessive or compulsive personality traits can also be viewed as inherent strengths.

Are these qualities working for you or against you?

Recovery Coaching will help harness and re-purpose these and other qualities to increase your chances of long term success in your battle against chemical and process addictions.

Alternatively, If you’ve been free of using behaviors for a significant period of time, you probably understand that simple abstinence is only the beginning.  The “wet work” of recovery encompasses radical internal psychological changes as well.


After letting go of whatever it is that created our problems, many of us find we need to confront and control deep-seated mental habits and unhealthy emotional behaviors we masked with our addictive patterns.  IRC provides a confidential and conversational medium where such encounters can occur and personalized recovery strategies can be developed and put into action.

As we become mindful of the internal (emotional) and external (environmental) circumstances that trigger slips or full blown relapse, we must also be prepared to accept the misconceptions, suspicions, prejudices and reservations of family, colleagues, superiors and others unfamiliar with the disease concept of addiction as a chronic, relapsing condition of the brain.

I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching offers unwavering support at such junctures, providing you with encouragement and solidarity to achieve your desired outcomes.

I.D.E.A.L Recovery Coaching clients are committed to developing and using every tool available to ensure long-term recovery success.  If you are striving to rebuild connections with loved ones, enhance your personal power and professional integrity, and achieve long term well being, I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching will serve YOUR recovery needs. There is no glass ceiling to YOUR recovery.  You cant hit the pinnacle if you don’t reach for it. 

The only limit to your recovery is the one you hold onto

The only limitation on YOUR recovery is the one YOU cling to.

To supercharge your recovery immediately, stop reading about I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching and call me.

I’m Paul Meidus and I’d like to be your Recovery Coach.

Lawyer Coach Paul C Meidus, Recovery Coach for Attorneys, Recovery Coach for Professionals, Redding Recovery Coach Paul Meidus

Let’s have a 10-minute CONFIDENTIAL conversation about where you see yourself presently and where you would like to be 6 months from now.  The phone call is painless.

We can schedule a NO-COST & CONFIDENTIAL Recovery Coaching consultation and address the issue(s) of greatest concern to you.  We can have the consultation over the phone or via video conferencing from the comfort of your home or office.

Experience the confidence, support and accountability of I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching and its promise for you on a no-risk basis.  I am waiting to hear from you!  Call Me TODAY: 530-515-5198 OR email me at:

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