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IDEAL Life CoachingWhy is I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching (IRC) ideal for YOUR Recovery?

Simply put, IRC increases YOUR odds of long term recovery success.

IRC draws inspiration from the evolving areas of Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and areas of Neuroscience that link to personal change management and whole-person wellness.

IRC will help you connect your strengths, insights and personal wisdom with your mindful and intentional action to achieve the unique recovery vision you desire for yourself.

My style of Coaching recognizes you are a unique and dynamic person whose specific Recovery Agenda will probably not fit neatly into a prepackaged method, set of steps, rehabilitation plan or “one size fits all” treatment program.

Therefore, the IRC approach emphasizes a holistic view of you and the infinite range of unique and vibrant potentials you bring into each of your endeavors, relationships and your recovery vision.

The heart of IRC is the ongoing partnership, or Designed Alliance” in which we explore YOUR specific, self-defined recovery agenda.  As one attorney helping another, I come to each Coaching encounter with the conviction you know yourself best. You understand what your strengths and limitations are.  You also know where the individual dragons of your addictive behaviors lie.

Together, we will work exclusively to further your individual recovery agenda and restore you to personal and professional well being on the terms you choose.

The “I.D.E.A.L.” acronym embodies a group of interrelated ideas and principles forming our Recovery Coaching philosophy.  It provides the conceptual foundation for our recovery coaching mission.

    “I” Intentional Imaging:

    In I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching, the term “Intentional Imaging” describes clearly envisioned outcomes that form the basis of an individual’s purposeful, achievement-oriented activity.  Brainstorming Word Meaning Creative Thinking And New Ideas

    As a “Brainstorming” activity, intentional imaging expands your understanding of what you can personally achieve from this moment forward.

    In the field of personal development, intentionality describes our ability to act purposefully.  Recovery, as a life affirming process, is specific, purposeful and goal-driven activity directed toward clearly envisioned outcomes.

    IRC uses the term “imaging” in Recovery Coaching to artfully describe the active mental process of joining imagined recovery possibilities with intentional, goal-driven recovery behaviors to achieve intentional, planned and managed Recovery outcomes.

     “Intentional Imaging” will assist those in Recovery, including you, to:

    1)  Identify and prioritize recovery & other important personal/professional objectives;

    2)  Assess and weigh recovery options & select those best suited to your circumstances;

    3)  Inventory your available strengths & other resources for achieving your recovery objectives;

    4)  Evaluate pros & cons of pursuing options having the strongest appeal;

    5)  Implement recovery strategies promoting your long-term wellbeing; and

    6)  Prevent mental or physical relapse by opening you to deeper sense self knowledge, self fulfillment and personal well being.

    Independant“D” Discerned Definition

    I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching treats “discernment” as the mental practice of uncovering your deepest values, personal truths, defining principles and their sources, and evaluating their relationship to your actions, attitudes, beliefs and quality of life.

    The practice yields a stripping away of unhealthy or unproductive attitudes and beliefs so that your “core” values and motivations can be uncovered and examined.

    Inherent in discerning activity is the idea of “congruence.” The term comes to us from the Latin verb ‘congruentia,’ meaning to ‘meet together’ or ‘to agree.’  IRC views the congruent professional as one whose personal and professional lives reflect harmony between her or his core values and their actions, behavior and objectives.

    “Discerned Definition” reflects an intentional and purposeful effort to restore the authenticity, integrity and personal congruence that substance use, abuse and addiction erodes over time.

    IRC can help those seeking discerned definition, including you, to establish:       

    1)         Renewed self confidence & purpose;

    2)         Increased personal motivation & drive;

    3)         Deepened expressions of personal harmony in life;

    4)         Enhanced personal, social & professional relationships; and

    5)         Manifest authenticity & integrity in all your areas of influence.

    “E” Empathetic Empowerment

    I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching views Empathetic Empowerment as the practice of increasing your personal awareness, insight, competence, efficacy, and influence at each point of contact with others.

    bigstock-Leadership-6829983IRC views “Empowerment” as defying a single, broadly applicable definition.  It includes ideas of “power” in individual relationships and often describes a process for establishing personal “control” or expanding personal “choice.  “Empathy” describes that quality that allows us to walk in another’s shoes.  Empathy allows us both to understand intellectually what they experience in their own circumstances and to feel emotionally what they are feeling as result of those circumstances.

    Empathetic Empowerment is relational and involves specific, intentional and purposeful cognitive activity designed to increase our connectedness, influence and leadership aptitudes. IRC will help those, including you to:

    1)         identify the personal, professional and recovery goals that make the highest and best use of your empathetic skills and abilities;

    2)         develop strategies for increasing and enhancing your personal power in areas of relative weakness as well as in areas of strength;

    3)         implement power-enhancing strategies appropriate to your individual needs & circumstances; and,

    4)         evaluate and measure your influence in your domains of influence & adjust your power-acquisition and power-enhancing strategies to ever changing life circumstances.  

    “A” Authentic Action & Awareness

    I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching views recovery as including repossession of your inherent authenticity and recapturing the standard of personal integrity many of us believe we’ve lost.bigstock-Figure-emerges-from-the-comos-46039384  

    Authenticity can be thought of as:

    1)         the measure by which our lives reflect our values;

    2)         the degree to which our motives and actions harmonize with our values; and

    3)         the degree to which we are at peace with the gifts, talents and limitations that uniquely define us.

    Consciously or unconsciously, we value authenticity in those we admire.  We are drawn to authentic people just as our authentic self-expression draws others to us. The authentic person is in touch with, and projects, inherent value through honest self-expression.  Being authentic means having the courage to be yourself.

    Substance abuse and addiction changes us in profoundly unhealthy ways. Lived experience demonstrates that recovering our inherent authenticity involves equally profound shifts in our manner of living and relating to others.

    Before we ride the elevator to the top floor of our loftiest aspirations, we must sometimes take it down into the basement of our deepest feelings and emotions.  IRC will help those seeking such changes, including YOU, to:

    1)         fearlessly examine your values, beliefs and attitudes and to use your emotions intelligently;

    2)         frankly evaluate how you perceive yourself and others and how such perceptions influence your interactions and daily outcomes;

    3)         honestly appraise your inherent strengths and areas of shortcoming and build on these areas using the wisdom you already possess;

    4)         successfully achieve the measure of authentic leadership and efficacy that is uniquely yours in all your areas of influence. 

    Latitudinal & Longitudinal Leadership

    I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching recognizes that we are each born to achieve and to lead.  In our families, careers and communities, we each encounter opportunities to exercise that certain and definite measure of leadership that is uniquely ours.

    “Longitudinal leadership” describes the traditional “top down” relationship of dominance and subordination characteristic of most corporate, mega-firm and government structures.  “Tall” organizations allocate functions according to rigidly defined roles.  Duties and objectives are assigned to those who are then told how tasks are to be performed.  Innovation, autonomy, and organizational creativity are stifled at the subordinate end of the hierarchy.Leadership

    “Latitudinal leadership” levels or “flattens” these traditionally tall structures by promoting individual equality, spreading authority and encouraging personal initiative, creativity and autonomy as part of a “growth mindset.”

    Longitudinal and Latitudinal forms each have unique benefits, advantages and challenges for those operating within them.  Yet, we may find ourselves operating within an organizational form completely at odds with our individual personalities, core values or personal and professional needs.

    Substance abuse and addiction have become the inevitable result for many of us who find ourselves disillusioned with the dream that initially fueled our professional calling. Recovery carries a promise of hope that can reconnect us with that heartfelt ambition to lead meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

    IRC can help those in recovery, including you, to:

    1)         develop and enhance your latitudinal and longitudinal relationships

    2)         improve your self-awareness and inspire trust and following in others

    3)         effectively harness and direct the power of your emotions and those of others

    4)         enhance the personal and interpersonal competencies that create superior performance within any organizational structure

    5)         increase your learning capacity, leadership stature, drive, and purpose

    6)         project and communicate a strong, authentic message of personal integrity

    Having all your inner resources at your command intensifies your mastery, deepens your integrity and credibility and pushes the outer edges of your awareness, whether in your home, workplace, industry or community.  This is the essence of leadership:  to mindfully direct your energies free of all self-limiting behaviors, allowing the natural magnetism of your authentic being to draw others into each of your endeavors and, reciprocally, draw you into each of theirs.

    Are You At a Turning Point?

    I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching gets results on YOUR TERMS.  The content that drives the success of our Recovery Coaching clients is the determination to free themselves from of the bondage of addiction and the serenity that comes from maintaining recovery long enough for meaningful and transformative change to occur. 

    CALL ME–PAUL MEIDUS– directly at 530-515-5198 TODAY for a No-charge, Confidential  Recovery Coaching Consultation.  Let’s talk about YOUR NEW LIFE.

    You can also email me at CoachPaul@youridealcoach.com.

    Or you can fill out the contact form on this site and I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your recovery agenda.

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