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Recovery Coaching Reconnects The Pieces of a Fragmented Life

Expanding Your Options for Choice in Recovery Ultimately Expands Your Options for Greater Meaning, Fulfillment & Long-Term Well-Being.

When we speak of addiction, dependency or simply an unhealthy connection to substances such as alcohol, pain medication or stimulants– or to a process or behavior such as gambling or viewing pornography– we recognize multiple pathways exist to help sever the relationship.

Multi-faceted people experience unique recovery challenges. Recovery success requires durability, flexibility & resiliency.  What’s in your toolbox?  When is the “right” tool the right tool for you?

Some Helpful Facts Concerning The Need For Early & Sustained Recovery Support:

  • The majority of those with substance abuse problems do not seek help through mutual aid or professional treatment (White 2006);Asleep at the wheel
  • Less than 50% of those in publicly funded treatment programs completed the programs they were in.  (White 2006);
  • More than 50% of those discharged from a treatment program resume substance abuse patterns within 30-90 days (White 2006);
  • Recovery from severe substance abuse does not stabilize until 4-5 years of sustained remission (White 2006);
  • The literature strongly demonstrates the need for sustained pre-treatment, in-treatment and post-treatment Recovery Support Services (White 2006);
  • The role of the Recovery Coach may become the central mechanism through such services are delivered (White 2006).

Attorneys & Other Legal Professionals Are Already At a Heightened Risk For Substance Abuse & Professional Discipline:

ideal-coachingSubstance abuse affects brain chemistry in the areas that control motivation, emotion, decision-making, cognition & pleasure– altering reason & judgment.

Attorneys & other professionals may be reluctant to recognize or admit the progressive effects of substance abuse to themselves.

Problem drinking is reported among 18% of practicing attorneys compared to 10% of the general population. (Hazeldon 2012) Substance abuse patterns manifest early in the careers of attorneys– beginning prior to law school– & increase during law school before progressing over the course of attorneys’ legal careers. (Hazeldon 2012)

Social influences, workplace cultures, heavy workloads, stresses, time constraints, deadlines & other practice pressures are all characteristics leading to substance abuse. (Hazeldon 2012)

In 2008 alone, 75% of Attorneys seeking substance abuse assistance were involved in disciplinary proceedings. (Daily Journal 2010)

As one who has been there, I can share from personal experience that addressing a substance abuse problem is not simply a matter of will power or trying harder.

Recovery denotes a complete restoration of mind, body and spirit.  Recovery is reconnecting with your strengths, promoting your long-term well-being and living and flourishing at your optimum capability.

Experience Shared Help, Hope And Healing From Someone Who Has Been Where You Are. Take Decisive Action Today!

Recovery occurs in stages, with interventions, treatments and supportive services appropriate to each stage. The physical, mental and emotional damage we inflicted on ourselves and those around us occurred over time.

Thus, personal recovery and restoration of the frayed relations with family, colleagues and others also take time.  The brokenness does not suddenly right itself when we complete a 30, 60, or 90-day treatment program.     

Do you feel stuck in place?  Would you like to explore additional recovery options?  Do you have a long term Recovery Plan?  Are you assessing your “Recovery Capital?”  Are you unsure what your next move should be?

Would you like a compassionate and caring thinking-partner to help you take stock of your recovery assets, formulate practical options and strategies tailored to your circumstances and keep you on track at critical points in your recovery? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, I am confident you will benefit from I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching.

Please call me at 530-515-5198, or email me any questions or concerns you have at:

I’d enjoy speaking with you about your present circumstances and where you see yourself heading in recovery.

Lawyer Recovery Coach Paul C. Meidus, Recovery Coach for Lawyers in Redding, California

If you are ready, we can schedule a no-cost, no-obligation, confidential Recovery Coaching consultation.  This will allow you to experience the I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching difference on a no risk basis.  Call me today!

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