What Is Recovery Coaching?

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A Chance to Unlock A Life of New Freedom & New Possibility

Coaching is a powerfully transformativeself-driven process that has provenbigstock-Silhouette-of-businessman-in-k-43438198 effective for many in identifying, unwrapping and working through obstacles to accomplishing important objectives.

Coaching does not prescribe outcomes or agendas. Instead, Coaching supports and facilitates the achievement of defined goals.  Your goals! 

You can read more about Coaching in general by reviewing the Institute of Coaching’s “Overview of Coaching Research” page.  

Recovery Coaching complements Life, Business and Executive Coaching processes by extending their power and promise to those of us in the Recovery Community.

Co-Creating Your IDEAL Lifestyle Through an Intentionally Designed Alliance
As in other forms of Coaching, the heart of the Recovery Coaching process is the “co-creative,” strictly confidential relationship between you and your Recovery Coach.

This designed alliance is “co-creative” because it is focused exclusively on your self-determined recovery needs and lifestyle objectives.

This means the focus is on what YOU want to achieve in recovery.  I am here to help you plan, strategize and ultimately achieve the life you envision as you recover from substance abuse or addiction.  I am also here to help you determine what does and does not move you toward your recovery goals and to keep you focused on and accountable to YOUR self-determined objectives.

As a Recovery Coach, I don’t diagnose or treat any condition.  I am not a counselor, clinician or therapist providing a fix and I won’t substitute my judgment for your own by telling you what you need or are doing right or wrong.

Why? Because Recovery Coaching allows you to set your recovery agenda and treats you as a whole and complete person who ultimately knows what is best for yourself. 

As an attorney who is also in recovery, I am an experienced listening, thinking, planning and executing partner.  I am here to work with you at critical points in your recovery, to help you unpack and analyze your values, motives and ambitions, and to help you establish clear plans of action, achievement and accountability through feedback and focused inquiries.

bigstock-Books-Drugs-And-Alcohol-37417222What are the critical points? 

They are the points in your recovery journey at which you realize YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE,   where you realize you will benefit from the dedicated assistance and support of one who understands the special needs and challenges faced by legal professionals in recovery.   

As your Recovery Coach, my own experience, strength and hope are dedicated to helping you achieve your recovery and related goals– whether personal or professional.  If two heads are truly better than one, how will your life change working with a Recovery Coach?  Better yet, how will it change if you don’t?

Recovery Coaching is a proven means for enhancing your personal power, fulfillment and leadership aptitudes while effectively managing workloads, stress and the rigorous demands of your practice.  Recovery Coaching responds directly to the needs of high-functioning Lawyers and other Professionals who aspire to create, to achieve and to lead while remaining free of the bondage of addiction and avoiding relapse into old patterns, behaviors and the thinking that returns us to substance abuse. 

Helping you move forward in recovery and avoid relapse while promoting your long term personal and professional well being is the primary objective of IDEAL Recovery Coaching.  It is widely recognized that many pathways lead to recovery.  At any, or even every stage of the recovery pathway that is right for you, you may find you need help:

  • Transforming your personal identity & interpersonal relationships in your home, workplace or professional community
  • Inventorying your recovery strengths, support network & recovery capital
  • Tapping your reserves of recovery capital to achieve & maintain long term happiness & well being
  • Clarifying your own silent motivators and triggers associated with relapse or backsliding into dependent patterns
  • Developing realistic strategies to identify & work through recovery and related practice challenges until you achieve the success you envision for yourself
  • Identifying the habits, beliefs & attitudes your hold that no longer fit with your recovery vision & develop change strategies to transform your thinking & behavior
  • Defining or Refining the deeply held values that reflect your true identity and character
  • Creating action plans for holding the high ground of long-term personal and professional fulfillment
  • Achieving the success & life balance that is right for you in all of your active domains of influence

Let’s talk about YOUR change agenda.

I’d enjoy chatting with you about your change agenda. Please call me today. Let’s schedule a complimentary & confidential Recovery Coaching session or consultation.  I want to be your Recovery Coach.  

You can reach me anytime at (530) 515-5198, or you can email me at Coachpaul@youridealcoach.com.  You may also use our easy contact form or sign up today to get on our mailing list!



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