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The I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching Compass Logo:

When we look at a compass, the initials for the West -East poles display the word “WE.”

Placing ourselves at the center of the compass, the “I” of self exists within the “WE” of community.  In recovery, the “I” and the “We” constantly seek a closer union within the bond of fellowship. 

Harmony between WE and I is necessary for any community to thrive and succeed.  This is true of family, workplace, worship or any other social community.  An absence of sustained internal harmony, clarity and direction translates into discord in our relationships.  This, in turn, ultimately creates unbalanced lives and communities.  Addiction only amplifies the discord created by an absence of personal harmony. And for many of us, our addictions and accompanying behaviors eventually left us isolated and alone.

In recovery, we seek restoration and a return to the nurturing communities we occupied before addiction damaged our most meaningful relationships and connections. The compass logo captures the vital I-We relationship nurtured and balanced in the vibrant communities of home, work, society and the world.

Along the vertical “North-South” axis, the Southern Pole represents our fixed and unchangeable past while the Northern Pole represents the open, undefined and limitless future that awaits us in recovery.

The “I” of self rests at the intersection of past and future within the WE of community.  This reminds us that, consciously or unconsciously, what we carry forward from our past affects the nature and quality of the present choices we make about our future.  Our pasts are fixed and unchangeable.  But they hold sway over our future by how we allow them to affect the choices we make.  We are ever mindful that all our “possible” pasts lie in front of us.

I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching Brings Life to Recovery and Recovery to Life.

IRC will help you gain, or in many cases, regain your “True North.”  IRC promotes your natural strengths and leadership abilities, increases your awareness of your personal recovery capital and facilitates a deeper and more meaningful integration of “I” and “We” in all your areas of activity and influence.


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