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Our MissionOur Mission Statement

The I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching (‘IRC’)  mission is:

1) to provide recovery support, fellowship, encouragement and hope to lawyers and other professionals whose lives are affected by addiction and who seek restorative healing and long-term wellbeing;

2) to advance, promote and deliver strengths-based and values-based personal and group coaching to anyone seeking whole person restoration from substance use, abuse or addiction;

3) to partner with and support recovery communities and related organizations to increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of evolving issues relevant to addiction and recovery; and

4) to end the stigma directed at those in the shadows of the addictive struggle so they may enter into the sunlight of recovery and lead complete, productive and fulfilling lives.

Our Vision & Value Statement

The IRC vision views all persons as dignified, valued and capable members of our shared communities– persons possessed of inherent strengths, competencies and resiliencies they can draw upon to enhance their recovery efforts and achieve long-term well-being.Empowered Enlightenment

Honoring each person’s complete life history, IRC delivers personal and confidential recovery support to enhance individual strengths, competencies and resiliencies to promote restoration, harmony  and success in all areas of one’s life.  

IRC’s strength’s-based orientation incorporates a service philosophy that cultivates self-awareness, personal empowerment and the expansion of choice and direction.

The “I.D.E.A.L.” acronym listed below embodies several transformative concepts comprising our Recovery Coaching philosophy and provides the cognitive foundation for our Coaching mission.  To learn more about these concepts, please visit the “About Coaching” menu and scroll down to  the “Why Coaching is I.D.E.A.L.” heading, where you will find:

I: Intentional Imaging

D: Discerned Definition

E: Empathetic Empowerment

A: Authentic Action & Awareness

L: Latitudinal & Longitudinal Leadership

IRC promotes personal-strengths and values-based recovery transformations, assisting good people to become great leaders in their homes, professions and communities.  We support transformative, whole person recovery and lifelong development and well-being for the promotion of peace and harmony in our shared communities locally and across the globe.

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