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Coaching for Recovery Awareness

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Awareness Coaching

What is it about these words that touches a place in our hearts today?  Why do they continue to inspire personal reflection in us?

Perhaps it is because Socrates knew something intimately in his time that many of us have either forgotten, ignored or simply never learned.

A deeply purposeful life requires:

  • Thoughtful personal reflection
  • Ongoing growth, pruning and newness
  • Challenging and open dialogue
  • Meaningful and rigorously honest feedback

How did Socrates himself approach the matter? His style was simple. He asked powerful questions!  We might therefore say Socrates was the original life coach!

You carry a voice inside your head.  It’s constant chatter forms the backdrop of virtually all your daily encounters and activities. For most of us, the voice is our life’s narrative. Its content structures our experience. Ironically, many of us have simply tuned out the content of that voice. Yet, because it is our personal story line, we experience its residue in all corners of our lives.

For example, a Coaching client discovered when she allowed her thoughts to drift into an unfocused and undirected stream of consciousness, her thoughts always carried elements of personal persecution.  When her imagination wandered into the unknown, she automatically envisioned scenarios of conflict, discord and failure.

If her Director asked her to come in for a quick meeting, she was subconsciously conditioned to anticipate attack and criticism.  Her inner voice told her in effect “this is it, be ready, don’t be caught off guard.”  As a result of such tendencies, she was consciously guarded and often defensive in her encounters with others.  This affected the depth of her relationships, her work performance and her qualify of life.

I.D.E.A.L. Coaching helped direct her intentional awareness toward the content of her internal story.  She became mindful of her inner voice and its influence on her behavior. Rather than probe the causes of such content, she listed and explored the strengths that allowed her to succeed despite such antagonistic messages. She inventoried similar resources she possessed and brought them to bear on new challenges.

Eventually, her story consciously included messages of strength, perseverance and usefulness. The pessimism that had colored much of her adult life gradually gave way to an enduring sense of hopeful optimism noticed first by her family and friends, but also by her co-workers and her Director.

Her personal transformation sprouted from a willingness to explore change. It grew from a conscious awareness of the familiar streams of content-laden thoughts that had programmed her behavior. It blossomed into the knowledge she was much, MUCH more than she had given herself credit for being.

Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized.

YOU can change the content of your own story and enjoy the results and rewards you desire. But you must be present and awake to the unconscious elements of your story by becoming mindfully aware of the thinking patterns that shape your conscious behavior.

Our consumer culture frowns upon claims of enlightened self-awareness. Self actualization has become subordinated to the endless cycle of work, consumption, and repetition. Social media, handheld gadgets and endless streams of televised or computerized content keep us too distracted for meaningful self reflection.
Consumer culture prefers an oblivious and unfulfilled population so that the empty places in our hearts can be filled with even newer gadgets and fads.

But ask yourself: is all that you are at this moment enough for you? Or are you seeking greater clarity concerning one or more areas of your life?

I will personally partner with you to increase your awareness of what truly matters to you and to rid yourself of what weighs you down. I.D.E.A.L. Coaching will help you:

  • Examine yourself from the inside out & clarify who you want to be
  • Develop the willingness to believe in yourself & in the value of your own ambition
  • Find the courage to face life on terms that are uniquely your own
  • Embrace the unknown & become comfortable in the quiet of the undefined
  • Create your own unique destiny by testing the story you hold against the outcomes you desire
  • Live an intentionally imaged & authentic life of hope, joy and fulfillment

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What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.
Oscar Wilde
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