Change and Transition in Recovery

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Changes and transitions are multifaceted and occur throughout our lives.  They can be sudden and happen at lightening speed; or, they can occur slowly, allowing for managed outcomes.  But it is well recognized that we are programmed to resist change.change

Changes and transitions also occur within us, both as voluntary and often involuntary mental or emotional responses to life dynamics.  Some circumstances can knock us completely off course.

However, It is equally well recognized that we can change the way we think, feel and respond to our every changing life circumstances.

Whether change is something suddenly thrust upon us or something we intentionally embark upon, successfully managing the dynamics of change and transition in our lives and organizations requires heightened degrees of specific transitional skills and aptitudes.  

I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching helps you find and utilize your innate capacities to manage the changes and transitions unique to your circumstances.   


Transitioning from substance use or dependency and into treatment, or from treatment into a recovery community and lifestyle, presents unique and individualized challenges requiring unique and individually tailored responses.

Recovery transitions are aggravated when issues of professional discipline, job loss, divorce, partnership dissolution, criminal charges or health problems exist and contribute layers of complication to the process.  There is no one-size fits all approach to recovery or recovery coaching.

hand crossing out failure and writing successWeathering the internal and external storms is NOT an impossible feat. Professionals are successfully transforming their lives, careers and practices in ways they never dreamed or even believed were possible with the help of Recovery Coaching.

They are regaining power, control and responsibility over their lives and practices.  Their secret:  they believe in and are strategically planning for their success!


If you are immersed in or anticipating a challenging transition in one or more areas of your life and would like to build a strategic thinking alliance with a partner that is always available to dialogue with and explore  recovery issues options, then CALL ME today for a no-cost, no-obligation confidential Recovery Coaching consultation.  

I am dedicated to helping you find the recovery pathways that work for you and journey with you at your pace and in the direction you set. And I will work with you to overcome your unique obstacles until you have achieved the recovery vision that is uniquely yours.

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I  look forward to speaking with you, and, remember, together we do what many of us are simply unable to do on our own. 

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