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How We WorkMany Hands Make for Light Work: 

One of my biggest recovery challenges was finding people I felt I could relate to and connect with. After all, solid and healthy relationships are a good thing.

Having lived in quiet desperation with my own addictions for a very long time, I was uneasy about discussing my struggles with others.

Eventually, I became comfortable sharing my history and challenges with someone dedicated to helping me set and accomplish my own recovery goals. The “hands-on” experience of my own Recovery Coach made the process of recovering and rebuilding easier.

If you have similar reservations, I have made it easy for you to to explore your options while maintaining as much comfort, security and personal distance as you need.

And there is no initial cost or obligation!

I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching begins with a COMPLIMENTARY CONFIDENTIAL telephone conversation to discuss your Recovery Coaching agenda.  We’ll explore your needs and concerns, see how we connect and whether my services and style are responsive to your personal and professional recovery needs.

Strategic Planning Showing Organizational Business Solutions Or GoalsThe conversation can be a short 10-minute consultation or a complete Recovery Coaching session of up to 50 minutes.  Afterward, you can reflect upon the experience and determine whether you would like to enroll.

My focus is exclusively on listening to and clarifying the challenges and concerns you bring to the encounter and engage you in specific kind of dialogue that is intended to help you accomplish the Recovery agenda you set for yourself.

Coaching around an actual recovery agenda of your choice requires you come to the encounter with one or more actual issues of personal concern.  The framework and methodology rely upon your ability to draw upon and accept the wisdom and insight that you possess regarding what is best for you.  The process allows you to come away with specific strategies personally tailored to YOUR circumstances and put them into meaningful action in your own life.

Facilitating The Encounter:  I Coach clients over the telephone or using social media such as Skype or Facetime.  This allows you to participate from your zone of comfort.  The encounter should always be free of distractions on both ends. We don’t Coach while driving, watching television or while “multitasking!”

The encounter is Co-Creative, meaning YOU set a specific agenda of what you wantProactive And Reactive Keys Show Initiative And Improvement to accomplish and together WE collaborate in a designed alliance to make it happen!

My job is to listen carefully and intuitively to what you say you want to accomplish and ask powerful questions designed to elicit your own deeper understandings and insights.

Very often, clients are surprised at the wellspring of personal wisdom they possess but have not accessed until a particular question creates a connection or a breakthrough in thinking that allows them to move forward.

Your Agenda:  Your agenda is the specific topic and objective you bring to the encounter.  There are elements of an agenda that are crucial to the success of the Coaching process.  “Success” in Coaching is measured by YOUR experience of the value that comes from experiencing breakthrough thinking, increasing your self awareness, or accomplishing your specific recovery objectives.  Your recovery agenda is identified with some measure of specificity and includes what you want to take away from each session.

As you share your recovery agenda, I am listening closely for key descriptors, patterns or connections among and between ideas.   I am listening in order to formulate relevant, challenging and open-ended areas of inquiry intended to help unlock your own insights, tap into your own inherent strengths and ultimately accomplish your recovery agenda.   

The questions themselves arise in the context of the Coaching dialogue.  They are NOT prepared in advance of an encounter but flow from the ongoing dialogue between us.   They are intended to: a) open your mind; b) focus you on possibility; c) ignite your creativity; d) uncover and voice your unique and powerful truths; e) move you past automatic or conditioned responses to your own perceptions; and, f) facilitate the mental processing that comes from finding your own solutions and hearing yourself voice them out loud.

Confidentiality:  Since trust is a critical component of the I.D.E.A.L. Recovery Coaching alliance, I observe the strictest standards of privacy and confidentiality.  However, the Coaching relationship does not enjoy the same legal privileges against compelled disclosure as other professional relationships such as the attorney-client, priest-penitent, doctor patient, or spousal/marital privileges.

I.D.E.A.L. Coaching will not intentionally share your identity or contact information with any other individual entity without your knowledge and permission.

Cancellations and Refunds:  I.D.E.A.L Recovery Coaching offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and I will gladly refund pro rata all advanced fees for any scheduled encounter(s) that have not yet occurred.

Occasionally, a cancelled or missed session may occur in our on-going coaching relationship.  If you need to cancel or reschedule the time of a scheduled encounter, I need 24 hours notice in order not to charge you for the encounter scheduled.    With advance notice of 24 hours or more, you will not be charged and I we will reschedule the encounter(s) missed.

For more on this point, see the “Cancellation & Refunds” section under “Programs & Fees


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